Now you can share more
than just your number even if
you're not on their contact list.

Customize the information that is displayed to others when they
receive your call on select Caller ID enabled devices.*

* Depending upon the service provider and/or carrier the called party is subscribed to,
they may or may not be able to view your name or logo.

Now You Can Share Your Name

Customize how your name appears with Share Name ID from Verizon Wireless.

Share Name ID allows you to display both your name and phone number on outgoing calls to mobile phones or landline Caller ID (where supported and available). Share Name ID is offered at no additional charge; just sign in to My Verizon to choose the option and set how you'd like your name to appear. Under My Verizon, select Change Features. Once you've opted in, you can manage your Share Name ID from My Verizon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's how it works:

Log on to My Verizon.

Navigate to the Change Features page and opt-in for the Share Name ID feature to customize your name.

Begin displaying your new ID.

Make Your First Impression a Lasting One

Enhance your brand with Company Name ID from Verizon Wireless.

You use your mobile phone to connect with potential customers. For many, that call is the first interaction
customers have with you, your organization and your brand. With Verizon Company Name ID, you differentiate
your call from others. And, you put your wireless phone to work as a marketing tool for your business.

Now you can easily customize what callers see when you contact them from your Verizon mobile phone.
When you use Verizon Company Name ID, you can personalize outgoing business calls with your business
name, logo and call back number to be displayed. Additional benefits with Company Name ID from Verizon

  • Use your mobile phone as a marketing tool for your brand
  • Instant credibility when calling customers for the first time
  • Increase your company's visibility with existing customers
  • Easily customize your outgoing business identity

Company Name ID is affordable for a monthly subscription of $1.99 per line.

To learn more about Verizon services or to manage your Company Name ID subscription, please contact
your Verizon Wireless Business Representative or log on to your Business Online Portal.

Frequently Asked Questions