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The new Verizon plan is here.

Verizon plans come in simple sizes with 100% more control. Unlimited Talk and Text. Add more data at any time. Keep what you don’t use with carryover data.

  • S

    2 GB


  • M

    4 GB


  • L

    8 GB

    + 2 GB/line


  • 12 Limited time offer.

    12 GB

    + 2 GB/line


  • XL

    16 GB

    + 2 GB/line


  • XXL

    24 GB

    + 2 GB/line


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Switch to Verizon. Celebrate with $650 back.

Trade in your old phone and we’ll help
you switch to Verizon.

Start by choosing a new smartphone with monthly payment activation. Send us your old phone and we'll send you up to $650 on a Prepaid card to cover your switching costs.

Choose a device New smartphone device payment activation & port-in req'd. Get up to $650 prepaid card for installment plan balance less trade-in value (or up to $350 prepaid card for early termination fees less trade-in value). Trade-in must be in good working and cosmetic condition and be worth more than $0. Line must remain active for 6 mos. Visa prepaid card mailed within 8 weeks after receipt of claim.

Order online.
Get your new device in 2 hours.

No one likes to wait. With Verizon you
don’t have to.

Pick out a new device online and get it in 2 hours with In-Store
Pickup at participating stores - at no additional charge. Talk about good service.

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